Anxiety, it’s defined as a state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear, which is the result of the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, which often impairs our physical and psychological functioning. I find talking about it really difficult as I personally don’t really understand it or why I seem to suffer from it.

Everyone experiences it from time to time. Some people get anxious about an event and then they move on. For some people its not so easy, anxiety can come in all different ways, its IMG_8695all normal.

 Once in High-school, I was sat in class and all of a sudden by heart started racing, I could feel it in my throat and the teachers voice went silent and all I could hear was my heart beating in my ears. I didn’t know what it was, all I knew was that I couldn’t make it stop. I knew that I had anxiety but that I had never experienced it like that before.

Before that day I would just be anxious about doing something I wasn’t sure of or I would get anxious before an exam but I had never felt it before in that way. Before it was just a wave of fear through my body but now its like every nerve in my body wants to shut down, all my senses don’t want to work anymore. Since that one day, I have not gone more than a week without that same feelings coming over me.

I just want people to know thats its okay to to have anxiety or to be anxious. I want to be able to talk to my loved ones about it and not feel like they think I’m crazy. Finding help is the best possible thing to do because you can change the way you behave in situations. because anxiety is a behavioural disorder which means we can train our minds to react differently. You can find help everywhere, don’t hide it or keep it a secret.

Love always.


Beyond Blue

Better Help


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