10 Things I Can’t Live Without

After writing this list I have been left feeling extremely materialistic and awful about myself. I never realised that I felt like I couldn’t live without these things but writing out this list was difficult to say the least. I want to be the kind of person to say “All I need is a roof over my head and my family” but that’s just not true, which makes me feel so crappy about the life I live. My goal for this year is to stop needing these things so much and to need other things in my life. 

  1. My Phone: seriously I don’t know how people live without their phone. How do you contact people? How do you organise things? How do you take pictures? I just don’t understand.
  2. My Laptop: I do basically everything on my laptop, I edit videos, write my blog posts, edit photos, watch Netflix and check emails. My laptop shoulIMG_8335
    d honestly be number 1 if I’m completely honest.
  3. My pets: I love my pets dearly, they sleep with me at night and they follow me like
    shadows wherever I go when I’m at home. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they’re some of my favourite things in the world
  4. Mascara: I already have long, dark eyelashes but I feel so naked if I leave the house without mascara on. If I don’t wear makeup for the day you sure as hell can find me with mascara on.
  5. McDonalds Fries: I know, bad habit… but McDonalds fries are seriously the best things in the world. Best comfort food, best anytime food. Ask anyone I know, McDonalds fries are the way to go.
  6. Comfy Pillows: I have a bad neck and back and if I sleep on bad pillows or with no pillow I’ll have the worst kink in my neck for days and any sharp movement my back gets a sharp pain in it… bloody awful.
  7. Glasses and Contacts: I have considerably bad eyesight… Its actually shocking. I don’t knowIMG_8542.JPG why I did before I got my first pair of glasses! I remember when I first put my glasses on for the first time… Trees actually have leaves.
  8. My Journal: I started a bullet journal this year, it’s super fun and I love sitting down every night and seeing that I did everything I needed to for that day. Bullet Journalling is a great way for you to remember what you need to do and be more creative wit the things you write down. If you’re a book doodler then Bullet journals are definitely for you (if you want me to write a post on how I do my bullet journal, just send me a message or write a comment down below)
  9. Stationary: I absolutely love stationary. Ever since I was a little kid I was never allowed to walk down the stationary aisle at the supermarket because I would stand there for hours just looking at all the things I could get. Stationary is just… Ugh, I love the different kinds of pens and the colours and the paper??? Stationary is just so much fun and sometimes too pretty to want to use.
  10. My friends and family: Jokes aside my friends and family are the most important thing to me in the world. Your friends are like family that you choose to have and your family are people that are given to you for a reason. These people will always be there for you no matter what, don’t take them for granted.

I hope this list makes you think about what you really can and can’t live without, and if it doesn’t write your own list and see where that puts you.

Love always,



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